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Integrating Your Socials into Your Google Business Profile

Updated: Feb 26

One of the first things we check when deciding if a business is up to snuff on their digital presence and SEO, is checking the state of their Google Business Profile. This free, essential tool is a key part of making sure that searchers can find relevant information about your business when they Google you.

Don’t have a Google Business profile set up? Check out this blog for help!

Well, Google has made this widget even more helpful than before! Now, they’re offering integration with all of your social channels so that they will appear at the bottom of your profile listing like so:

Make sure that searchers can see all of the social platforms that your business is publishing by making sure that you link those profiles on your Business listing. Available platforms you can list currently include:






X (formerly known as Twitter)


And they’ve made it super simple to do! All you have to do is:

1. Log into your Google Business profile and click on Edit Profile

2. Then click on Business Information and scroll down to the Contact section

3. Select any platforms you want to link and plug your handles in there

And that’s it! You’re done! Easy, right? But even though it was easy, trust us, it was very worth doing. Now, anyone who Googles you can seamlessly engage with you on any of your social channels. High-five you!!!

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